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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Progress Report 6

As can be seen, since my last Progress Report, I have made a trip to Yorkshire and visited:
Although the Cliff Lift at Saltburn is actually standard gauge I have included it as:
  1. In is an interesting piece of railway technology with a significant history
  2. When doing my original research, I was under the impression that it had a gauge of 4' 6" - presumably owing to some misleading information on a website somewhere.
The other two miniature railways have a fascinating history - both being established before the Second World War and both opting for steam outline, diesel powered locomotives. Although I would prefer to see live steam locos in action, I feel their history and origins so make these locos interesting in their own rights. They are certainly well engineered and with gauges of 20" and 15" are substantially built.
Loco 1932 Triton - on the North Bay Railway in Scarborough
 As times goes by, I am having to travel greater distances from home to reach railways which are further than a day's travelling distance. Owing to family ill health, I have not been as mobile as previously and so my visitations are fewer and further between. However, I am planning to travel on the Snowdon Mountain Railway when we can be sure of decent weather, and also hoping to travel to the South East of England at some point before the end of the season to visit some of the railways located there.

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